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Together, we are Pulsatrix Studios

We build innovation and entertainment through our games!


This passion for video-games it's what keep us going. In 2019, we gather our forces to give life to the project that would change the general concept about the game market. We’re designers, writers, programmers, musicians and animators with a thirst for adrenaline. Together, we are the Pulsatrix Studios.

We made the game we wanted to play the most. A horror and sci-fi thriller, focused on survival, exploration and puzzle solving.

Follow us in our adventure, and remember! Never. Look. Back.

Our Story

Why, Pulsatrix?

When we tell you that our union was for love, believe in us! We’re not romanticizing.

A lot has happened since then. In 2019, when we made our studio (finally!) official, we had no guarantee that we would make profit from our games. But we didn’t hesitate! We follow our dream of producing news games with our signature, because it’s what brings meaning to our days.

We worked by the day, each one of us in your respective day-to-day job. By night, we gathered together to build the present of Pulsatrix. It was from that nocturnal routine that we came up with our name, a latin and scientific term for a Brazilian owl species.

But thanks to those sleepless nights that we formed this family we have today. Pulsatrix only exists thanks to this passion for video-games, the creativity pulse that moves us, and to this ambition to make the games we want to play the most.

Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel it’s only the beginning of our journey




Where the magic happens

Our studio is online!

We’re a game studio entirely remote! We believe the genius needs to work in its way, so there’s nothing like home office to respect our workers.


Let's work together?

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